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The reefs and walls off the island of Cuba offer, to the beginner as well as to the advanced diver, as much if not more than any diving area in the world.

Cuban scuba diving waters are pristine, with very little pollution or coral destruction, perfectly preserved, and providing an underwater paradise of more than 50 species of corals and 200 species of sponges. With average normal visibility of 30 to 40 meters, divers will find an abundance of hard corals such as brain, pillar, staghorn and elkhorn, and among the soft corals, spectacular gorgonians, sea fans and plume worms.

Dozens of species of fish, including brillant tropical species, swim among the reefs in undulating schools or wait in solitary patience for their next morsel. Moray eels peer from their caves, an occasional squid or octopus drifts by, and not-to-be-feared sharks, barracudas and rays often appear. Many sites include diving to wrecks and in caves of the marine platform.

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